DELE exams and tasters

DELE diplomas are the official Spanish qualifications certifying degree of competence and mastery of Spanish, granted by Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain.

They were created in 1988 and follow the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and are recognised not only by public and private educational institutions, but also within the business world and Chambers of Commerce worldwide.

DELE exams are comprised of four parts:

  • Comprehensive reading
  • Comprehensive listening
  • Written expression and interaction
  • Oral expression and interaction

    Each part contains several tasks and each task contains several items; the total of each part counts towards 25% of the total score.

    Exam times range from one and a half hours (reading, writing and listening) and fifteen minutes oral expression, to three and a quarter hours and twenty minutes oral exam expression. Oral exams are sat individually with two examiners.

    Vamos DELE tasters are official exams from previous years and provide a true understanding of your level.

    See what it’s like to take a DELE exam and how your level aligns with the official grade.

    Our taster exams are monitored by a supervisor and assessed by two official Vamos DELE examiners. They’re just like the official exams. They consist of two parts, the first to test reading, writing and listening skills and the second to test speaking. Both parts follow the same official structure, but in the case of B1 and B2 they’re adapted to a slightly shorter timing.

      Exam dates

      Exams are held at the school on Saturdays at 1pm and commence November 2018 and then four times a year.

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      Official DELE preparation courses at Vamos

      If you’re ready to invest in taking the official exam, Vamos offers DELE preparation courses for levels A1 through to C2.

      Taking the course does not guarantee you will pass the exam, but we guarantee if you attend a minimum of 90% of classes included in our corresponding course levels and all classes in our DELE Preparation Course, you will pass the DELE exam at the Spanish level you have studied. If not we will give you a further 20 hours course time free and pay your re-examination fees.



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