Group levels explained

Weekend and 1-week immersion courses

With the exception of 1-week courses for complete beginner level 1 students, our weekend and 1-week immersion courses are not the same as the courses we run in London.

Here we consolidate levels into groups and focus on listening and speaking.

Learn and practise grammar and vocabulary according to your level, but without even thinking about it.

Our specially prepared activities encourage speaking in the most natural way through a variety of real situations, role-plays and practise.


5 groups with specially prepared activities

  • A1 (level 1) The same course as we run in London
  • A1 (levels 2-3) A full revision of present tense and an introduction to past tense
  • A2 (levels 4-6) A quick revision of present tense and a consolidation of all past tenses
  • B1 (levels 7-10) A quick revision of present and past tenses and the emphasis on present tense subjunctive
  • B2 (levels 11-14) A quick revision of present tense subjunctive and a review of all past tense subjunctive and uses of the conditional


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